favourite fantasy books

hello bookworms ! i haven’t done a blog post in ages, so today i am going to tell you about my favourite fantasy ya books. also happy (late) st. patricks day, i’m certainly loving the bank holiday lol. and yesterday i hit 1000 followers on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/perfectpaperbacks/?hl=en so thank you so much for that! anyways here we go ……..

  1. harry potter ~ ok so it’s not an oldie but a goodie and i couldn’t not include it
  2. the shatter me series by Tahereh Mafi ~ i ADORE THIS SERIES , i just finished ignite me (#3) today. i flew through the first one, the second one was meh and i fell back in love with them on the third.
  3. the cruel prince ~ i finished this a few weeks ago and omg i loved it, needless to say the wicked king is next to buy !
  4. scythe ~ i did really like this book but i haven’t got the sequel yet so i don’t think i loved it.
  5. the selection ~ i am obsessed with these books and have read them all! if you haven’t read them then ……….. what are you waiting for ???!!
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tips of a bookstagrammer

here are my top tips of becoming a successful bookstagrammer

1. plan the type of posts you would like to be associated with and start a theme : why? well it looks better when all of your photographs match and coordinate together. also if you are looking for some brands to look at your pictures they have to look good! focus on a colour scheme, wheather you want it to be light or dark. etc.

2. invest in photo editing tools: the better quality your pictures are , the more they will catch the viewers attention. some of my favourites are lightroom, vsco and adobe photoshop. ( they don’t have to be expensive to be effective) some of these apps are free to use, however it does cost to upgrade to a better bundle or unlock some premium features. if you are not interested in paying for these then that’s ok too! the majority of apps have a good amount of free content.

3. use a branded or popular hashtag when posting : if you use a branded hashtag then it is more likely that people from those brands will see your account. this will bring a new audience of potential brands that  may gift you items. remember also that hashtags can end up looking a little messy if there are too many of them in your caption. so here is a simple solution, don’t put the hashtags into your caption. instead put them into a comment on the post. the photo will still show up in the hashtag page but won’t clutter up your caption!

4. engage with your audience: there is nothing worse than when somebody doesn’t answer your question so try to answer as many comments on your posts as possible, it will let your followers know that you are down to earth and like to communicate with others. although the large numbers of followers can look appealing don’t lose sight of those loyal fans. quality over quantity is what i say.

5. create the perfect bio : by creating an interesting bio people would be more inclined to follow you should they stumble across your account. It needs to be able to say who you are and what you have to offer. the bio may be only a short amount of words but you should be able to get your point across and don’t forget to make it colourful! add in some emojis if you want to , personalize it, it is meant to show your personality so never hide it.

6. post regularly : ok so in order to become successful you must be active online, ideally you should post at least once a day (if not more) otherwise the algorithim will hide your account and it will reach less people. this is also on instagram stories not just your feed!it helps if you post at the same time each day , though that is easier said than done. there are a range of apps that can schedule your psots for you to go up at a certain time. saying that your pictures should still have good content. even if you post ten times a day, people will lose interest if your photos look rushed or not up to your usual standard

7. take advantage of instagram highlights : this is a feature that allows you to keep whatever stories you want in catagories. it would be handy if you had a rep code for example so that people could view it anytime! it is quite annoying when they disappear after 24 hours!

8. collaborate : when possible choose to collab with other influencers and friends, it will bring a new audience to your account. the larger the account the better return it should have but anything is a start

9. go live on instagram : this is always a good idea to talk to your followers and engage with them in an unedited way. they can see you for who you  are and you can talk about whatever tickles your fancy at the time. you should keep these interesting and have an idea of what you shall talk about during the live, this is to avoid awkward silences and people leaving because of boredom

10. share the love! : i always tend to follow back an account if i am interested in what they are posting, however this is hard to do if you have thousands or millions of followers. a tip for starting to gain followers would be find some accounts, follow them and like some of their pictures. and  of course one of the most important thing is BE KIND !!!


that’s the thing about books, they let you travel without moving your feet

Jhumpa Lahiri

The Crown review

hey everyone ! so I finished the final book in the selection series on Saturday and i’m only getting around to writing the review now! i LOVED the selection series but i didn’t read it all in one go………. actually quite the opposite as i started the first on last July i think. it’s definitely my comfort read. so anyways lets get on to the review …………………….

synopsis ~ A selection can only have one winner. A princess only has one heart

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when Eadlyn became the first princess of Illéa to hold her own selection, she didn’t think she would fall in love with any of her thirty five suitors. but as events at the palace force her even further into the spotlight, Eadlyn realizes that she might not be content remaining alone

Eadlyn still isn’t sure she’ll find the fairy- tale ending her parents did twenty years ago. But sometimes the heart has a way of surprising you…………

genre: young adult, romance , fiction

pages: 278


i started the selection series last summer when i bought the first book in a train station. i read the first three books very quickly but was a bit apprehensive whether to read the last two or not ( as the last two were based 20 years later) but i just couldn’t leave them down and i loved the the heir and crown just as much!!

this follows Eadlyn as she makes her final decision in the selection. after an unexpected turn of health with queen America she notices that her parents are getting more tired and not coping very well with all of the pressure. she steps up to her role and becomes queen, everything is happy for a while until she is faced with another threat that could ruin the whole country. she is rushed into making a decision and marrying one of her remaining suitors. there is still one major thing in the way …………. her true love

this is a tale of how someone has to make sacrifices for the sake of her family and country. a thrilling tale of forbidden love and sacrifice

I give it


bookworm problems

hi everyone i hope you’re all having a good week and tomorrow is Friday YAY !!! so for todays blog post i decided to write a list of the annoying problems of a bookworm so let’s begin……………..

  • when you finish an amazing book and have to return to the real world
  • when somebody ties to make conversation while you’re trying to read
  • wanting to buy new books but fearing that your shelves might collapse
  • trying to find your bookmark after reading in bed…. somewhere tangled in the sheets
  • being unable to pass by a bookshop… and it would be just rude not to buy 1 or ……12 lol.
  • the devastating moment when you get a book returned to you from someone and it’s torn or bent.
  • panicking if someone asks you what your favourite book is
  • when the actor doesn’t match the character you had in your head
  • when you’re in the middle of a few different books and you get the plot lines mixed up
  • instantly hating someone who spoils the ending of a book or movie

so there you go!! how many of them do you relate to ????

weekend update

hey everyone i hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend! and got lots of reading and writing done! i was so unsure of what to start reading after i finished fangirl. i was between six of crows and cruel prince. then i received a giveaway prize of 2 books and the whole process started all over again ugh! i couldn’t settle and concentrate on one book does that ever happen to you?? anyways long story short i began reading the cruel prince and i am LOVING it !!!! where have i been that i haven’t read it yet but i’m so glad i didn’t so i can enjoy it now! book number 2 is definitely on my tbr.

Fangirl review

synopsis ~ Cath and Wren are identical twins and until recently they did absolutely everything together. Now they’re off to university and wren’s decided she doesn’t want to be one half of a pair anymore – she wants to dance, meet boys, go to parties and let loose. it’s not so easy for Cath. she would rather bury herself in the fan-fiction she writes where there’s romance far more intense than anything she’s experienced in real life.

now Cath has to decide whether she’s ready to open her heart to new people and new experiences, and she’s realizing that there’s more to learn about love than she ever thought possible………..

genre: young adult/ romance

pages: 460

Image result for fangirl

REVIEW : I bought this book as i had heard so much about it that i just had to read it! i am a big fan of the author as i have read many of her other books. i really enjoyed this book however i found it slightly repetitive and too focused on Simon snow, i found myself skipping over the pages of fanfiction as i had no interest in that topic. that is a personal opinion, however, and it doesn’t mean that it was written badly at all. i also understand that Simon and Baz were a main part of the story but personally i found those parts boring.

it follows these twins, but mostly Cath as she tries to finds her way in university. her roommate seems at first scary but later the two become good friends. she struggles to find her way around and is often late to class just to avoid the crowds. slowly she finds herself drifting from her sister wren. when her dad has a breakdown and ends up in a mental institution Cath rushes home to be by his side, wren on the other hand would rather be out partying. even more tension builds between the girls when their mother , who abandoned them as children, reaches out Cath is infuriated when wren takes the offer. they go several weeks without speaking and it’s taking its toll on them. they miss many things that they would usually share with each other, such as Cath now has a boyfriend and wren is drinking too much….

when Cath receives call in the early hours of the morning from her mother to say that wren has been taken to the hospital, Cath rushes to her and all of her anger fades away…. it shows you that all that fighting means nothing and you would do anything for those that you love…….

i give it

⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 / 5

It’s a good book and I recommend that you read it!!

my march goals

hi everyone! this is my first blog post. i finished my 7th book of the year last night so review on that soon and i hope to catch up on some other reviews of books i have read this year. so without further ado lets get right into my march goals…………..

  1. hit 650 followers ~ i know that numbers aren’t everything but i’m really hoping to hit 1000 before the end of the year
  2. read at least 3 books ~ this might not seem like a lot but lately i have been reading my books very slowly and i have a HUGE TBR pile
  3. not to buy any books ~ it seems i have an addiction to buying books and my shelves hate me for it
  4. to write at least one blog post a week ~ i’ve only started but i think start as you mean to go on!
  5. write a review for every book that i read

so there you go! phew that’s my first post done and it can only get better !

thank you for reading ~Em